Conference Registration

Help Achieve the National Fund Goal

There is no registration fee for this year's conference. However, as many of you are aware, each year 90% of the proceeds from the conference are contributed to the National Bahá'í Fund. Therefore we humbly encourage the friends to make a voluntary contribution as part of their conference registration. All of the proceeds will go to support the National Bahá'í Fund.

Or if you prefer, you can make your contribution directly using the Online Contribution System (OCS) by clicking below (but remember to complete your registration!)

"Let there be no doubt or equivocation in this regard: it is essential that the institutions of the Faith maintain their operations throughout this period and not be obstructed by lack of resources in the discharge of their core duties. Unquestionably, the whole company of the faithful in each country will rally around you, and in particular, we are confident that believers with means will come forward to aid you." — Universal House of Justice, 9 May 2020

Contact Information

Please provide your contact information and billing address, even if different from the person you are registering for the conference. You will be asked to enter the name(s) of the conference participant(s) on the next page.