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Bahá’ís are members of the latest independent world religion founded in 1844, a religion which has spread to virtually every part of the world—over 200 independent states and major territories—embracing believers from every cultural, racial, and religious background. The teachings of the Bahá’í Faith promote an ideology specifically geared toward today’s contemporary world and the global issues that can unite humanity and begin the process of eliminating all forms of prejudice, be they race, gender, social status or nationality. It is a Faith that accepts humanity unconditionally and recognizes individual beliefs, rights and dignity to the highest degree. It must be noted that the Bahá’í Faith is not a sect, branch or a cult confined to the past but an independent religion for our time.

Over thirty years ago a group of youth from the Phoenix metropolitan area organized a regional youth conference. With much effort, time, energy and small fundraisers, their commitment and vision resulted in that small regional youth conference becoming one of the largest and longest running Bahá’í conferences in the nation.

Over the years, Bahá’ís and their friends from around the world have had the opportunity to hear dynamic speakers as well as to participate in workshops and service projects. From its origin as a small youth conference to the current nationally recognized event, the Grand Canyon Bahá’í Conference has remained focused on and committed to providing the community of the Greatest Name with a program that spiritually uplifts its participants while also providing a venue of fun and entertainment.

The Grand Canyon Bahá’í Conference is an annual event which offers the opportunity to individuals, families and groups to come together and share their personal and spiritual experience, but mostly to learn more about their Faith and the world so that every individual can better serve humanity. During the 3-day conference, adults, youth, junior youth, and children will be attending classes conducted by some of the best international speakers who will be covering a variety of topics. To make the conference a great experience, Bahá’ís have created an environment that offers entertainment, prayers, a bookstore with some of the latest publications, and a service project for the community at large.

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